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Jamaica Tape

by Mark Mills

I see your eyes, lose control but there are questions you haven't asked me yet and these are the things that you should know you had my eyes ever since we met am i ready to let go? it is my goal you cannot see whats inside, so just observe and then decide has my body let go? has my mind let go? is there love left in my soul? are you the one to let me go? do you approve of me in the end it doesn't change anything so take your eyes and point them in from here on out thats where i'll be
It didn't take you long to find, yourself another guy, but since this is your own life, the right to choose must be exercised, and for this reason I don't mind, and maybe i didn't treat you right, Im gonna find someone who feels delight, by my side
In my arms was a child and he was crying, and all that he wanted was his mommy, now as a man I wanna help him understand, why sometimes love is the only thing that carries on. There are times when we may feel theres no point in trying, cause we know theres a part of us that is slowly dying now we're human we gotta learn to understand why sometimes love is the only thing that carries on...
Not sure how I should go about this so pure all your light and kindness refined is your selection process so unwind everything that is toxic my heart pounds when i think about you alarm sounds my fire started for you sublime your eyes are only honest so take time cause you have perfect timing I don't know why I am in your life but now that i'm here, i'm here to help you I am here to support I am here to love you You hurt from your own self betrayal and i've learnt from my own miss portrayal My heart shines you hug me like you mean it so take time cause I'm here for a reason
My life just changed today, and its never gonna be the same, never gonna miss yesterday, I hope this feeling never goes away, no... And if you try to take it away, I say no


Its been a humbling year. Here is a humble live recording.
Earlier this year my wife and I took a trip to Portland, Jamaica. I brought with me an old tape recorder only, with the resolution that I would meet someone with a guitar and a space to lay down some raw acoustic tracks, for my father. After asking around, I paid a nice guy I met on the beach $10 USD to introduce me to a man who had guitars. He led me through the jungle to a 4 storey concrete building. I found myself mysteriously sitting with a 1920's parlour guitar, hand made by Washburn. Across from me Jeff Williams, a man who I may have known for centuries. Together we shared some of the richest island herbs, some relaxed jams (to which Jeff completely improvised, as he had never heard my music before), and one of the richest moments of my life. There is nothing quite like the kindness of a stranger. Thank you Jeff. I will return as soon as I can, and record side B. But in the meantime....

I dedicate this tape to pops,


released September 27, 2014

Recorded in the Jungle :: Portland, Jamaica (May 2014)
Live to tape
Mark Mills :: Rhythm & Voice
Jeff Williams :: Lead guitar


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Mark Mills Calgary, Alberta

The Mills are alive, with the sound of music...

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