Key Issues

1. Proper allocation of City funding to support Ward 3’s infrastructure for consistent and stable growth.

  • Curtail the spending on “mega city projects” until local infrastructure problems are resolved.
  • Propose an increase of bus services to existing and new developments.
  • Fix and improve city streets in commercial and residential areas.
  • Ensure easy access to sidewalks and local businesses and venues for the physically challenged.


2. Encourage the Sustainability of Ward 3 by ensuring that all its diverse communities, old and new are able to thrive and strengthen, for the advantage of the entire Ward.

  • Help bring more businesses into the area to create jobs, job security and convenience so people do not have to commute far from their homes to utilize these services.
  • Ensure that proper and fair infrastructure is in place in both older and newer areas.


3. Ensure and maintain the protection of children, seniors and families and their safety and enjoyment in homes, schools, on the street and in transit.


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